Sunday, 19 October 2014

A summer update

So, this blog tends to fall short rather as the months go on and nothing particularly significant happens. Seeing as my little sister has just started a blog (see here:, this has prompted me to remember that I am the older sister, and clearly my life should be more interesting than my little sister by right of having had come first.

This summer has been rather hectic, but unfortunately without much climbing. In August I passed (thank god) my summer IML assessment, and much of the summer has been spent wandering about practicing reading a map etc in anticipation of this.

I've been on lots of trips throughout France, down to Briancon and the Ecrins a few times, over to Norway (LOVE it) and lots of time wandering around the Chamonix valley, here is a quick photo review...

Ugg climbing at Foron, a great crag just down the road from Morzine

Sandra taking Sadie for a walk some ladders

...which turned into a rather nasty thunderstorm, luckily my map is waterproof!

Some goats underneath 'La Blanche' in the Ecrins

Classic view from L'envers des Aiguilles sunset shot

Dad investigating the fast way down a snowslope in a white out...ooops!

Amazing sport climbing close to Ailefroide

The wrong way up this mountain!

Norway, described as lots of rock and water. Generally accurate

Psyched and ready to go

Family walk above Emmoson

Final day of IML assesment

Climbing with Heather in Gastlosen

Heather (s) summit shot

So despite the summer being damp to say the least I seem to have go out lots! The autumn so far has been lovely, but I am unfortunately stuck in the UK at the moment waiting for my car to be fixed. A return to rock climbing is hard but its great to be improving again and psyche is high!