Wednesday, 21 March 2012

So it turns out that as soon as you start working, loose internet, break a laptop and start living in a van it becomes alot more taxing to 'blog'. This would explain the reason as to why there have been no updates since October 21st last year...however, due to being back in the UK very briefly this weekend, aquiring a new laptop and being asked by multiple people to write something I am going to do a quick overview of what has been going on....

Rock climbing in Chamonix, an Indian summer

Sandra belaying on a beautiful autumnal afternoon
The snow arrives, I work loads but manage to get about 5 days out skiing before we leave in mid January. Christmas is spent on the slopes, and most of New Year sleeping!

Matt knee deep
Olivia at Brevent
Jan 18th, after a trip home to England we leave for Spain! Initially we were going to Morocco, but then had financial disasters and basically couldn't be bothered driving that far. We head straight to Siurana and climb there and Montsant for about a Month
Me and Jonny on the beach at Salou, waiting for a new cam belt on the van

Jonny on an 7c+ at Montsant
Jesus giving Jonny a quick belay at Montserrat
We finish up in Siurana, and about halfway throught the month my family visit in a huuuuuuuge camper van! We send some time in Montserrat and Barcelona with them, then head on upto the Lledia area. I lead my first 7a onsight and also manage to redpoint two 7a+s.

Family in the Parc Guell
Alpine bouldering in Targassone

March (so far):

Villanova de Meia, lots of rooves to
pull through!
Oliana-way hard!

We arrive in Oliana and everyone climbs hard, girls do 8c+s every day. I feel very punterish here and I am amazed at everyone else. I projected the warm up route (my first 7b), we also climbed at Tres Ponts and Perles. Also climbed at Terradets with loads of super strong people! Also a couple of days multipitching at Villanova de Meia.

Although progress is seeming slow, my confidence has improved dramatically and I am moving above bolts much better than i was previously. Redpointing seems really good for me as it removes some of my fear of the unknown and I hope to climb 7c before the trip is up.