Sunday, 5 May 2013

So once again I have had a short(ish) trip back to the UK, and been told by my Mum that she requires more blog updating due to a lack of Facebook activity!

I haven't written anything recently as I spend last summer being rather busy with work, and then spent this winter just passed skiing. As I'm not a particularly good or adventurous skier so this doesn't seem worth of much note.

I have however definitely improved as a skier over the winter, done some cool ski tours, ticked winter IML training and spent far too much time not climbing with a shoulder injury. Anyway, the snow is starting to melt, the crags are getting drier, and my shoulder (touch wood) is feeling pretty good.

We had a short trip to Spain in February to visit some friends and to escape the Chamonix winter for a bit. I shocked myself by flashing a couple of 7a's basically off the couch which felt rather good and gives me relatively high hopes for the year coming. I spent alot of time at the end of last season working on climbing past bolts and falling off, which hopefully means that my climbing will come on leaps and bounds!

An update of my insignificant skiing achievements seems unnecessary so I'm going to add some picture/captions below to cover that section:
Jonny near the bottom of the Berad valley

An amazing day on the Aiguillette des Houches

Team shot at the train station

Ballsford coming down the Glacier Mort

The day the white out got a bit 'too scary'

Olivia and Jess at the bottom of the Magic forest

These past two weeks in the UK have been spent buying a new van to do up for a winter in Spain this winter coming. This is a generally stressful process and meant spending far too much time in Ikea and B&Q for my liking and I have spent this week recovering from the onslaught by climbing in a beautiful SUNNY North Wales! It was lovely to have a catch up and see lots of people who I miss when I am in Chamonix.
It snowed in Wales at some point!

Mum seconding up Tennis Shoe on Idwal Slabs

Anyway, it's back to Chamonix now for some summer crushing!